Love it or List It

We had the incredible opportunity to transform this extraordinary bungalow in Purley, South London, as featured on the popular TV show Love It or List It, presented by renowned personalities Kirstie and Phil. The property has captured the imagination of the nation, making headlines in national newspapers and captivating audiences on television with its one-of-a-kind and alluring features. Aptly described as “property porn,” the highlight of the home is a secret swimming pool nestled right in the lounge.

Owners Tony Congdon and Christine Attwood purchased the bungalow 22 years ago, drawn to its promise of offering something truly distinctive and thrilling. The centerpiece of the property is the vibrant 710 square foot pool, cleverly concealed behind a curtain and surrounded by lush greenery. As Christine humorously explains, their lounge is the swimming pool, emphasizing the striking and unconventional design of the space.

From the outside, the bungalow appears unassuming, blending seamlessly into its surroundings. However, upon stepping inside, Phil cheekily remarked that it resembled “Hugh Hefner’s Surrey retreat.” Tony adds that the presence of pampas grass outside led some to mistakenly perceive it as a swinger’s house, further adding to its mystique.

The national media coverage and television feature highlight not only the distinctiveness of this remarkable property but also the expert craftsmanship and creativity involved in its transformation. The work carried out by our team as the builder behind the project has captured the imagination of viewers and readers alike, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional and awe-inspiring spaces.

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