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New Build, Bexley

M&M Moran had the privilege of constructing a new 4-bedroom modern home at 39 Parkwood Road, showcasing the latest innovations and technology available in the marketplace. The project was driven by our client’s vision of creating a self-sufficient home with no energy bills, resulting in the integration of advanced features such as air source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, and solar panels.

The construction of 39 Parkwood Road embraced sustainability as a guiding principle. Our focus was to create a home that minimized its environmental impact while providing modern comforts and energy efficiency. To achieve this, we implemented cutting-edge technologies like air source heat pumps, enabling efficient heating and cooling throughout the year. We also incorporated rainwater harvesting systems to utilize natural resources and reduce water consumption. Furthermore, solar panels were installed to harness renewable energy and decrease reliance on traditional power sources.

Architectural design played a crucial role in the project, with a modern double-story glass feature at the rear of the house. This design element not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also allowed natural light to flood the master bedroom, creating a serene and well-lit space. In line with the contemporary theme, we approached the staircase design with an atrium above, facilitating the flow of natural light through the double-height entrance hall and creating a welcoming ambiance.


The construction of 39 Parkwood Road was a remarkable endeavor, made even more special by our fantastic clients who seized the opportunity to build their dream home in their garden. Their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency aligned perfectly with our expertise, resulting in the creation of an extraordinary self-sufficient home. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic in 2020, our dedicated team completed the project in record time, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

We are proud to share that 39 Parkwood Road has garnered recognition in the industry. The project was honored with the Global Home Warranties – New build property of the year 2020 award, solidifying its status as a remarkable achievement in modern sustainable home construction.

This project serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing homes, and we are delighted to have been part of this extraordinary journey.

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Client Project

Private Client

Project Date

February 14, 2020


United Kingdom, Bexley


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The project was honoured with the Global Home Warranties – New build property of the year 2020 award


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