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Social Housing Upgrades in Lewisham

Project Overview:

M&M Moran was entrusted as the contractor for a comprehensive project involving the upgrades to Lewisham Park Towers social housing estate comprising 204 flats and communal areas. The objective was to enhance the overall quality, safety, and functionality of the properties to provide improved living conditions for the residents.

Lewisham Park Towers:

As the appointed contractor, M&M Moran successfully executed a wide range of upgrade works to transform the social housing estate. The scope of works included the following:

Fire Stopping Works:
M&M Moran diligently carried out fire stopping works, focusing on installing timber doors and penetration sealings. These crucial measures were implemented to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations, minimizing the risk of fire spread and ensuring the safety of the residents.

Flat Upgrades:
All 204 flats underwent comprehensive upgrade works to enhance their quality and functionality. M&M Moran skillfully carried out refurbishments in key areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and internal alterations. The aim was to create modern, comfortable, and visually appealing living spaces that meet the residents’ needs and expectations.

Asbestos Removal:
M&M Moran prioritized the safety of the residents by executing meticulous asbestos removal. This vital task was conducted in strict adherence to industry regulations and best practices, mitigating any potential health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

Aesthetics were given utmost importance, and M&M Moran carried out extensive decorations throughout the estate. The team skillfully painted walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, rejuvenating the overall appearance of each flat and creating a welcoming atmosphere for the residents.

Re-wires and Lateral Mains:
M&M Moran undertook electrical system upgrades by implementing re-wiring works and replacing lateral mains. These measures were vital to enhance electrical safety and reliability, ensuring proper power distribution within the estate.

Heating Upgrades:
Energy-efficient heating systems were installed in each flat to improve overall comfort, energy efficiency, and temperature control for the residents. M&M Moran’s expertise ensured the selection and installation of heating solutions that best suited the specific needs of the estate.

M&M Moran installed new flooring materials to replace worn-out or outdated ones, offering a variety of durable and visually appealing options. This improved the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the flats, while also ensuring ease of maintenance for the residents.

Structural Alterations:
To optimize the layout and functionality of the flats, M&M Moran carried out necessary structural alterations. Internal walls and partitions were modified to create more open and usable spaces, enhancing the overall livability of the flats.

External Works:
M&M Moran also addressed the exterior aspects of the estate, including landscaping, paving, and other improvements to the surrounding areas. These enhancements contributed to the overall appeal and created an inviting environment for the residents.


M&M Moran, as the appointed contractor for the social housing estate upgrades, successfully executed a comprehensive range of works to enhance the quality, safety, and functionality of the properties. Through meticulous attention to detail, adherence to industry standards, and effective project management, M&M Moran achieved outstanding results. The upgraded estate now offers improved living conditions, increased safety, and enhanced aesthetics for the residents. M&M Moran’s expertise and commitment to excellence have contributed to the success of this project and the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved.


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Axis Europe


Lewisham, SE13

Project Brief

Upgrades to 204 flats and communal areas

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