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TFL Driver Welfare Facilities

M&M Moran successfully completed a comprehensive refurbishment and upgrade project for Transport for London (TFL) across multiple stations within the network. The objective was to refurbish and enhance the driver welfare facilities, including washrooms, mess rooms, toilets, and associated amenities, to provide comfortable and modern spaces for TFL drivers.

  • TFL Peckham Bus Station
  • TFL Kingston Fairfield
  • TFL Canada Water
  • TFL Bexleyheath Bus Station
  • TFL Clapham Junction
  • TFL Eltham Station
  • TFL Deptford Driver Facilities
  • TFL Erith Driver Facilities
  • TFL Chessington World of Adventures Driver Facilities
  • TFL Mitcham Driver Facilities
  • TFL Bromley North
  • TFL Harrow on the Hill

M&M Moran executed a range of works across various TFL stations to fulfill the project brief. The project involved setting up temporary facilities to ensure uninterrupted operations while the refurbishment works were underway. The existing facilities were fully stripped down to the bare structure, creating a blank canvas for the transformation.

The refurbishment works included the installation of new washrooms, mess rooms, and toilets, designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the drivers. M&M Moran meticulously carried out full mechanical and electrical fitouts, ensuring efficient systems for heating, ventilation, and lighting. Dropped grid ceilings were installed to provide a clean and professional aesthetic, while partition walls were constructed to create separate spaces within the facilities.

To enhance the overall durability and aesthetics, plastering, tiling, and SGL paneling were applied to the walls. Whiterock wall cladding was utilized in areas requiring increased hygiene standards. The roofing was examined and repaired as necessary to ensure the integrity and protection of the facilities. Groundworks were carried out to optimize the layout and functionality of the spaces.

M&M Moran installed vinyl Polysafe flooring, chosen for its durability, slip resistance, and easy maintenance. Fire stopping measures, including the installation of timber doors and penetration sealings, were implemented to enhance the safety and compliance of the facilities. Meticulous attention was given to the decoration process, creating a visually pleasing and welcoming environment for the drivers.


M&M Moran successfully completed the refurbishment and upgrade works to the TFL driver welfare facilities at multiple stations within the network. The diligent execution of the project, including the installation of new amenities, full M&E fitouts, dropped grid ceilings, partition walls, tiling, and fire stopping measures, resulted in enhanced driver welfare facilities that meet the highest standards of comfort, functionality, and safety.

M&M Moran’s commitment to delivering exceptional results, combined with their expertise in construction and refurbishment, ensured the successful completion of the project. The transformed driver welfare facilities now provide TFL drivers with modern and comfortable spaces to relax, refresh, and prepare for their duties.

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FM Conway


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Project Brief:

Refurbishment and upgrade works to TFL driver welfare facilities on many stations throughout the network


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