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Thermal Bridging Prevention at Thurrock Towers

Project Overview:

M&M Moran was selected as the contractor for a design and build project at Thurrock Towers social housing estate. The project aimed to prevent thermal bridging following a window replacement program. The bespoke solution involved constructing an insulated MDF box frame window surround, ensuring a quick, seamless, high-spec, and aesthetically pleasing finish for the 348 flats, each with four windows.

Thurrock Towers:

M&M Moran executed the project by undertaking the following scope of works:

Insulation Upgrades:
To prevent thermal bridging, M&M Moran installed insulation upgrades throughout the estate. The insulation upgrades helped to reduce heat transfer between the interior and exterior of the flats, ensuring a more comfortable living environment for the residents.

Joinery Works:
M&M Moran constructed insulated MDF box frame window surrounds offsite, which were then delivered and installed on-site. The team ensured a quick, seamless installation, minimizing disruption for the residents.

To ensure a high-spec and aesthetically pleasing finish, M&M Moran carried out decorations throughout the estate. The team skilfully painted the new window surrounds, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, rejuvenating the overall appearance of each flat.


M&M Moran, as the appointed contractor for the thermal bridging prevention project, successfully executed a bespoke solution to enhance the quality and comfort of the flats at Thurrock Towers social housing estate. Through meticulous attention to detail, adherence to industry standards, and effective project management, M&M Moran achieved outstanding results. The bespoke solution helped to prevent thermal bridging and improve the energy efficiency of the estate, providing a more comfortable living environment for the residents. M&M Moran’s expertise and commitment to excellence have contributed to the success of this project and the satisfaction of all involved.


Project Info

Client Project

Axis for Thurrock Council


London, Thurrock

Project Brief

Design and build a bespoke solution to prevent thermal bridging following a window replacement programme.


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